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Love, Intimacy and Romance

Three simple words we probably don’t say nearly enough and mean them with our heart. We all need to hear these words and we all need to speak them into the people that we love. Almost every day I’ll ask my wife, “Did I tell you that “I love you today?” Every day I try to kiss and let her know how special she is. Obviously we need to back up our words with our actions, but our loved ones need to hear those words and we need to say them, because they reenforce in them that bond of commitment, especially when everything around us is trying to polarize and separate us. It makes us look past the negatives and see the positives. It helps to heal the hurts and wounds we often suffer and inflict on our loved ones. Every day at minimum, tell the people you care about that you love them. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so make sure they know they are loved today! #KentStuck

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