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Emotive and Relational

If the eyes are the windows of the soul then intimate and relational portraits are the vision that preserves our most emotional and precious memories. In these portraits we capture those subjects and moods which speak most to our hearts. The relationships may be many and varied such as a couple, a husband and wife, mother and newborn, parents and children, child or siblings, female photography, the preserving of one's youth and beauty, a woman for her husband, or the precious promise of a child. There are many variations of intimacy and relationships. None is preserved in a more precious and artistic way than with sensitive and tasteful portraits that visually communicates emotion, love, tenderness, beauty, artistry and celebration.

Personal Portraits

Before we ever photograph we want to explore your heart and your vision for your portraits. We and our clients are like hand in glove, the life of these portraits are dependent upon each of us bringing together that which will create emotion-filled memories preserved for you always. Our purpose is to find out what your needs and dreams are and then find a way to bring them into being. We always encourage your ideas and your input. We are a creative team working together. The chemistry of great portraits is in the whole and not in the part. Our clients often remark how comfortable and relaxed they have felt in a professional, fun and friendly environment. No matter how personal or public your portraiture we are always willing to take the time to chat with you with no pressure or obligation. Our reason for being is to serve you, so never hesitate or be reluctant to call on us and discuss your ideas. We are more than happy to chat with you.
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KellyJ_Folio  | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
Hi Kent, I gave Russ his book yesterday and was thrilled with his reaction. He had no idea what he was opening. When he pulled it out of the box, he saw the back cover and liked the photo. He then turned it over and began looking through it. The way we set it up, he had no idea what kind of photos he was going to see. He liked the outdoor photos and laughed at the upside down one. When he saw the photo of my fanny in the garden, he said “ooh, oh my”, still not knowing what the next photos would be. As he continued through the book, he was speechless and kept saying wow. He stopped at the photo of me laughing, on the chair with the black draping, and studied it. He said that's his favorite because of the expression. His next favorite photo is the red door! I'm so glad we added that in. He turned the page and was surprised again. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He studied the photos and was truly impressed with the photography quality and the body! He is in awe over the entire project, asked millions of questions about photography technique, location, how I decided to do this, how long it took, etc. This gift was the topic of conversation all night and he looked through it many times. I did too! As we turned off the light last night, his comment was, ”I think this is the best gift I've ever gotten.” What more could I ask for?
Kelly Jackson
“This was an incredible experience. It started out for my husband and now I'm so proud of what was done. This created a memory I'll cherish forever. Thanks.”
Kelly Jackson
Colorado Springs,
couple | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
“Very friendly, beautiful pictures and great experience.”
Kimber Coleman/ Trista Kaiponen
Colorado Springs,CO
Mother & Daughter
Martinez_-Folio | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
Excellent! The experience was flexible and creative. It seems only your imagination would be your only limitation.
Dwight Martinez
Colorado Springs, CO
ss_AnnaLocy_ | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
Portrait-10-240x300 | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
“My husband LOVED the pictures, and for the first time in years, he was speechless… :O) Thank you so much for making our Christmas memorable.” “Thank you for the great experience!”
Anna Locy
Denver, Co
Ferrell-Folio_web | Artistic Impressions Photography | Colorado Springs, CO
“Very impressed, wish I could have afforded more!”
Steve Ferrell (& Tristan) Father and Son
Colorado Springs, CO



Artistic Impressions Photography has the artistic forte to capture the inner and outer beauty of you.

From head shots to romantic for Valentine's Day or just because. Capture the beautiful confident woman that you know that you are.

Personalized enhanced portraits planned with a free consult that will help us plan together how to best capture your feminine essence.

There is no greater or more special gift for yourself or your loved one. It is one you will treasure always.

Make-up artist is available.

Packages start at just $299. Call now to come in and chat with us at no cost or obligation.

We guarantee you will be thrilled! Call us now ~ 719-597-5097

We are also offering special for couple's photography capturing the intimacy and romance of your loving relationship. Rather it is more traditional or on the artsy side we'll work with you to design the session of your dreams. Come and chat with us about what that will look like for you.

Please keep in mind that we are creative, but tasteful photographers.

Capture the Romance!
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